Racism In Kentucky

Just before the November 2014 election, Mitch McConnell and the Kentucky GOP sent out thousands of official-looking mailers to Kentucky voters with large print saying, “Election Violation Notice.” It was instantly obvious that it was an attempt to keep groups that tend to vote Democratic away from the polls.

This was McConnell’s trick designed to scare voters away from the polls. Voter suppression=RACISM.

The racist GOP campaign is nationwide, and the US Chamber of Commerce is helping them

The GOP does the same thing in many other states besides Kentucky. Voter suppression equals racism. All across the country, the GOP is trying to reduce the political strength of Blacks, Latinos, low-income working people, and members of unions. In addition to suppressing the vote, they use race-based redistricting and a dozen other dirty tricks to stay in power.

Most Democrats never even bring up the issue of institutional racism. Prejudice between individuals will always be with us, unfortunately, but racism as practiced by powerful institutions such as the GOP and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will be stopped in its tracks.