The most important issues facing Kentucky and America in the next few years are:

Foreign Policy – Stop supporting al Qaeda in Syria – pass the “Stop Arming Terrorists Act”

Federal Budget – Fund infrastructure, not useless weapons.

Institutional Racism – End voter suppression and back off the “war on drugs.”

Abortion – Reduce the number of abortions by supporting Planned Parenthood

There are many ways to be part of this campaign:

Any organization can sponsor a debate and invite any candidate(s) you want.

No other Democrat in the 6th District will attack Andy Barr on the issues harder than I will. He has been (unwittingly) supporting al Qaeda in Syria since the day he went to Washington in January, 2013. Mr. Barr is also objectively pro-abortion because he wants to put Planned Parenthood out of business, and Planned Parenthood (PP) prevents hundreds of thousands of illegal abortions every year. PP saves lives – women and unborn children – but Andy Barr’s policies kill people.

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If you’d like to join the campaign team, Contact Geoff  or message Geoff at his Facebook account under Geoffrey M. Young, Democratic Party candidate in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Andy Barr, the establishment’s Republican puppet for Kentucky, has been raising money for years and lobbying Wall Street so we need to catch up, and we can!

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